Thursday, July 31, 2008

Target Panic

I feel like kottke posting this, but there's a fascinating article in the on an affliction called "target panic" that sometimes strikes professional archers:
Target panic, as the condition is known, causes crack shots to suddenly lose control of their bows, and their composure. Mysteriously, sufferers start releasing the bow the instant they see the target, sabotaging any chance of a gold-medal shot. Others freeze up and can’t release at all. Target panic is akin to the “yips” in baseball and golf, when accomplished athletes can no longer make a simple throw to first base or stroke an easy putt.
I had this happen to me in high school baseball. Three years in, I stopped being able to throw the baseball for a while. It would just fly out of my hand in a random direction - for me, I started becoming hyper-conscious of the timing and coordination by which each individual finger released the baseball.

Uh got bettah.

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