Saturday, August 30, 2008


Michelle Cottle lays out some realities of tactics that the Palin choice introduces:
Biden nonetheless needs to tread carefully and show more self-control and finesse than he is normally known for. Palin may be a varmint-hunting, moose-stew-guzzling NRA lifer,
but she is still a woman--and an exceedingly delicate, feminine looking one at that. (A former Miss Wasilla no less!) And as irrational as they may be, the laws of politics forbid
any man from behaving in a condescending, bullying, dismissive, mocking, or otherwise
disrespectful fashion toward candidates of the fairer sex. Just ask poor Rick Lazio.

The fact that Palin looks to be a far more fragile flower than Lazio's former opponent makes Biden's job all the tougher. In head-to-head match ups, he will need to dismantle Palin completely, yet avoid triggering all those stupid, gut-level, subconscious, knee-jerk instincts that would lead voters to feel protective of her. This is particularly important in light of the remaining Hillary Issue. God forbid a meaningful chunk of Hillary dead-enders got it into their heads that, not only had Obama disrepected their gal, but now his number-two was dissing another sister. 

Whine all you want about how all candidates should be viewed and treated the same regardless of gender. The research and history of our politics show they aren't. Just something for Biden to think about when he's strapping on the gloves.

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