Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gerson Confuses 'Em

This is a funny moment.

Frequent write MIchael Gerson takes a break from writing articles like "Will the Environment Survive the Environmentalists?" and confuses the hell out of his commenters by writing an article telling Obama to be more high-minded and lofty in his speech tonight, etc, and that
...Obama can make all these points with added power because he is part of a great moral story involving aspiration, faith and the struggle for unity.

Uh-oh, someone caught Obamamania! It's still goin' around!

His commenters rub their eyes and shake their heads, but still he proceeds:
This is the reason I will set my sons before the television set to watch Obama's speech. Because it is not "some men" but "all men." Because a historical journey that began in the Middle Passage can end in the Oval Office. Because a "dream deferred" can be fulfilled.

Obama should not underestimate his moment -- or squander it.

Save commenter "Jack," who adds a comment titled "Heroic Conservatism," they're all confuuuuuused. Commenter junkman writes:
What in the H-E-double-toothpicks are you talking about? Wake up dude...BO's a radical liberal. Keep your family away.

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