Monday, August 25, 2008

Kristol Dreams

I had heard a lot about the irritating new Kristol column in the Times today, but couldn't actually bring myself to read it (beyond the first sentence. Kevin Drum saves us the pain and trouble and takes us a little further in:
In the first sentence of his latest NYT column, Bill Kristol reports on the "anguished cries" he's heard in Denver from Hillary Clinton supporters who are outraged about Joe Biden joining the Democratic ticket. In the second sentence, he concedes that he hasn't actually heard any "anguished cries" at all, but he "felt" as if he could "hear" them.

Yes, Bill Kristol is apparently doing his best Stephen Colbert impression, sans the wit, charm, and satire.
Read the rest of Drum's post for his take on the actual point of Kristol's "article," which is that the Official Orders of the Right are now to Accept Lieberman as McCain's VP choice. Heh.

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