Thursday, September 18, 2008

Great Ocean Road

DSC_0106_2.jpg, originally uploaded by Scott Weatherson.

Found this randomly via FlickrSavr - what a beautiful place!


  1. Hey FlickrSavr!!! I wrote that app, glad you use it!
    Cheers - Chris

  2. Really?? Thanks for stopping by!

    I do love it. No one seems to have done a better version of a flickr screensaver - no matter how fancy other ones get.

    My two dream updates for it are:

    1. Higher res (don't know if flickr lets you do this)
    2. Key stroke to GO to that page on flickr - I don't know if you can catch the keystroke before the screensaver is closed, but I often see pics I want to see more related to, and have to remember the filename and then search it by "Most Recent" at flickr....

    Anyway, great software, and thanks for visiting.