Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Bush/Pelosi/Reid/Obama" Plan

It wasn't obvious to me, but I guess that's what makes him John Cole:
For days, it has been obvious what the GOP dream scenario was- have the bailout pass, but with predominantly Democratic support, dub it the the Bush/Pelosi/Reid/Obama bailout, and then run against it. This is the plan that Gingrich and Ruffini and the other next generation Republicans have been salivating over. This was their big chance. Oops.
That's the clearest way of understanding this thing I've ever heard. Democrats were so close to being seen as responsible for "taking away your money" and to being tired tightly to Bush. It was a complete set-up - a beautiful, Republicans tricking Democrats kinda classic one.

Thank God it was diverted in some way.

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