Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Eric Dondero of the goofy Libertarian Republican is a veteran of the Gulf War, so I guess he thinks that makes these words not seem crazy:
Free Health Care is nice, but what most Vets really want is Booze and Broads
Sure, give Vets the health care, and the GI Bill, though I must admit, the psychological counseling for many is a bit on the wimpy side.

But beyond that, give Veterans tickets to the Jets games, and the Washington Redskins. Treat 'em to a private reception with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleading squad.

You wanna help Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan? Buy them a bunch of free meals and beer at their local Hooters.

And if you're a young hot female, take a Vet out for a few drinks at the local Tavern or Disco. Tell that non-serving grad student dweeb boyfriend of yours to stay home cause you've got a little "something to do for your country" tonight.

But most of all, just thank them for the VICTORY in Iraq and Afghanistan. Don't thank the Vets for "their service," no thank them for VICTORY over our enemies abroad. Acknowledge that they won, and won bigtime. Give them a big slap on the back and tell them as loud as can be heard in a crowded airport, "You guys kicked some 'f'ing A-rab ass."

It's not politically correct. But it's what most Vets want.

Update: Eric showed up to verbally spar with us in the comments.


  1. Eric Dondero1:04 PM

    Awww, golly gee, did I disturb your politically correct senses? So sorry.

    Hey, question for ya? When did you serve in the Military? What branch?

    Or might you be precisely one of those dweeby girlie man grad students who never served?

  2. Eric, I don't care if you're Iron Man. Saying vets would prefer booze and broads to health services is just silly.

  3. Eric: That comeback is soooooo totally win!@!@!@!!

    I mean, so what if Cricket points out that maybe you don't speak for the military, and so what if you're confused about the definition of "VICTORY!!!!@#!eleven!!" and who cares if you think it's OK to applaud killing people because they're Arabs? You got him good!! He's never been in the military!

    Boy howdy you're a good blogger.