Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Least Likely

Ta-Nehisi, in an article addressing concerns on the left over Obama appointments, lays out what really matters to him.
Look, it all comes down to this. I believed Obama was the candidate least likely to fly over an American city in the midst of destruction, and appear days later only to tell his point-man he'd done a great job. The most important thing for me is for the leadership of this country to throw off anti-intellectualism and get down to business. I won't ever know the most intricate details of government policy, and smite me should I ever write like I do. But as a voter, and I guess as a blogger, I knew I wanted someone in the White House who would be able to process all of those details--I wanted someone who was an intellectual, who had a supple mind, and saw no contrast between being a thinking man, and loving Monday Night Football. It's small, but it's what I wanted. And it's why, so far, I'm not terribly disappointed. When it comes down to it, man, I just wanted shit to work again.
This is also extra true:
Man, when Joe Leiberman says "bipartisan" I feel like someone is cursing at me.

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