Friday, November 28, 2008

New Wingnut Scapegoat: Space Travel

Digesting my Tofurky, I found myself in the presence of one Michael Bresciani, complaining about stuff:
While everyone from Barack Obama to John Doe is decrying genocide in Darfur, Americans are still killing the unborn at the rate of 4000 per day. In fact more people die at the hands of abortion clinic doctors in one week than in the entire 8 year long Iraq war.
Where fetus=people and people≠Iraqis.
Should I mention that the soldiers in Iraq at least had a choice?
Feel free.

We debate teachers pay but don't spend too much time asking why our kids have the highest suicide rate in the world and the lowest academic averages. More than fifty thousand children disappear each year and over 800,000 people are sold into slavery yearly around the world and many of them right here in America. Millions of Americans use dangerous addictive drugs and recreational drugs and have created the largest demand for such substances in the entire world. Why don't they just do positive things instead or go plant a tree?

Turning the eyes away from the horrific in America is not much different than ignoring the smoke bellowing out of the Nazi prison camp cremation ovens. You can put the thought out of the mind but the stench still assaults the nostrils. No amount of positive thinking or celebrating a new president makes us any less culpable.
While the "why don't they do positive things?" gambit's pretty sweet, this Abortion-to-Nazism flow is fairly run of the mill stuff for Alan Keyes' RenewAmerica crew. However, the reason his article caught my eye comes near the end, when he lists why we fail.
I have watched as America has replaced the knowledge of God with just about everything they can conger up; evolutionary doctrine, secularism, political correctness, sexual revolutions, Hollywood claptrap, perversions, visions of space travel to the stars just to name a few. What we have as a result of all this is a nation that thinks it can plant a tree, talk to its enemies, do a little positive thing everyday and all will just be fine.
Well, spank my spacesuit! That's a new one for me.

And I like the flip-flop on the value of planting trees.

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  1. That guy's imbalanced or something -- how in the world does the same person wish for people to "do positive things," then suddenly forget they'd written that, and turn around and say that doing positive things isn't going to help?

    What is wrong with so many conservatives, anyway? Bob Altemeyer finds a lot of authoritarian followers practice extreme compartmentalization. I'm warming to the idea that conservatives are nowadays mostly made up of these knee-jerk sorts of personalities.