Thursday, December 11, 2008

Come On, Guys!

James Kirchick is pouting because "feminists" (or, rather, the blog Feministing) won't get upset over the Obama speechwriter/Hillary-cardboard-cutout photo.

What's wrong, James? Women not acting the way you'd like them to?

Also, did link to the story, on December 7, linking approvingly to a critical take at Shakespeare's Sister (another "feminist" blog, James!) of the "boys will be boys" defense the photo had been invoking around the blogosphere. The issue was discussed a bit in the comments, and that was that.

It was not, as you put it, "a minor scandal."

And just because you can't find mention of it 4 days later because you can't use a search engine or click back far enough in the archives doesn't mean shit. And I'll be sure to keep an eye out at your blog for more posts from you about people not being feminist enough.

From one of your commenters:
Really, Jamie, is your entire career going to consist of this sort of concern-trolling?

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