Friday, December 19, 2008

Free Money Via Bush

Hilzoy has a fantastically snarky way to make use of Bush's new "Conscience" law, which allows "health workers" to not do aspects of their job if it conflicts with their religious beliefs.
This is a wonderful rule for slackers, since it provides a legally protected way to get paid while doing no work at all. Here's the plan:

(1) Get an MD, and a job as a doctor.
(2) Become a Christian Scientist.
(3) Announce your religious objection to participating in any medical procedure, or to supporting such procedures in any way (e.g., by doing the other doctors' paperwork. This refusal would be protected under the rule.)
(4) When your employer protests, explain that your right to refuse to participate in any medical procedure at all is legally protected under this rule.

Voila: white-collar welfare! See how easy?

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