Thursday, December 18, 2008

If Then

Watch Eric Dondero's mind at work as he complains that the Cake Police in our country prohibit Adolf Hitler to be written out but, um, allow Obama to use his full name at his...inauguration?
Saddam Hussein's murderous rampage was less than Hitler's, but only per capita when you figure in the populations under his control. Most estimates put the deaths under his 40-year rule, at a figure close to 2 million. This includes the well-over 1 million Iraqi deaths, another 500,000 Iranians, 200,000 Kurds, and some 60,000 Kuwaitis. Many like the Kurds, were gassed similar to Hitler's methods. Others were simply shot in the back of the head. Still others faced days, weeks and months of brutal torture behind bars in Saddam's prison cells.
Eric prepares for the triple flip...

And we have a President-elect who not only shares the name of this most vicious of all brutal dictators in human history, but is now apparently proudly proclaiming the name for his innaugural ceremony.
9.5! 9.0! 10.0!

Just imagine for a second some eccentric Asian couple naming one of their kids Nguyn Pol Pot Ahn, or some Hispanic couple naming their kid Juan Fidel Castro or even Hector Che Guevara.

Some perverse form of political correctness is at work here. Hitler, rightly so, gets castigated in the anals of history, but another dictator of a lesser scale, but still just as brutal and sadistic in his tactics, Saddam Hussein, gets a free pass, all because a popular American politician from a preferred ethnic group, happens to share his name.
Yes, Saddam Hussein got a fucking free-pass, you imbecile.

And wait - "preferred ethnic group?" What's *that* all about?

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  1. Wait -- the new president's name is gonna be Barack SADDAM HUSSEIN Obama????? Omg wtf??? Eric! For Christ's sake this is an outrage!!! Shout it to the four corners of the Earth and scatter it to the four winds, or whatever you do when you uncover such a bombshell ... EXPLODE IT!!

    Has no one ever told that genius Dondero that Hussein is a really, really common name? Doesn't it mean "king" or something? Like Raj in Hindi or, uh, King in English?

    Why does he think his view of current events is worthwhile at all? Oh yeah, he was in the military. He believes that excuses it all.