Wednesday, December 17, 2008


QandO earns the "nuts" tag I have them assigned to in my rss reader.
I've thought about the "shoe thrower" for a couple of days and come to the conclusion that he's pretty representative of a type of person we see more of today through out society at large. The emotionally and politically immature.

They're characterized by no self-discipline, no respect for anything other than their own feelings and acting them out. What our shoe thrower did was throw a well publicized tantrum, not much different than a 2 year old tossing his oatmeal bowl at a mom who, tyrant that she is, makes him eat that horrible stuff for his own good.
What Bush did to Iraq was like a mom making them eat oatmeal? How the fuck can you believe that?


  1. He's right -- when your brutal authoritarian regime gets replaced by brutal chaos, random killings, ethnic and religious sectarianism and foreign occupation, it's really important to maintain your composure when you're faced with a guy who caused it.