Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Our Principal Weapons Are

Is this a satire?
My name is John Fleming and I am running for Congress in Louisiana's 4th Congressional District. We are the last congressional race in the country. Voters go to the polls this Saturday, December 6, and I am asking each of you to join my campaign and help start the movement to take back the House. I am a man of conviction, drive and the desire to uphold America's Constitution. I want to go to Washington with a single purpose: to represent the people as a servant leader.

I am a true social and fiscal conservative. Unlike many so-called politicians today, I am standing firm on my conservative values and traditions. My top priority is helping our economy by supporting tax cuts and drilling to create American jobs.
After some soul-searching following the 2008 elections, the future of the Republican platform is:
  1. Tax cuts
  2. Drilling
Holy smokes.

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