Friday, December 05, 2008

We Took the Dollar Signs

Gavin is fucking brilliant:
GAVIN ADDS: And there’s also the shocking unemployment news today, sure.

See, everyone’s getting so excited, but this is just one of those high-spirited George W. Bush practical jokes that we’ve come so well to appreciate.

Remember when he got to the White House, and his people made up a story that the Clintons had trashed the place, removing ‘W’ keys from the keyboards and writing on the bathroom walls, and all that? That was a good one!

Now with the $8.5 trillion in bailouts, when Obama gets to the White House, all the money will be gone from the US Treasury, and stuffed into the pockets of the same arrogant bubbleheads responsible for cratering the economy, who will then squander it in short-sighted and selfish ways designed to give each of them a short-term advantage over their competitors, in effect taking a leaf blower to it all and blowing it into a giant, blazing fireplace — after which everyone will agree to act surprised.

It’ll be like, “Here’s your US Government, Mr. Obama. We took the dollar signs off the keyboards.”

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