Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not Funny

Jesus, the Right is just not funny:
That’s why I’m proud to introduce LEADages, my exclusive line of exotic motivational leadership proverbs from around the developing world. Designed for the executive on the go, these power-packed primitive catchphrases let your co-workers know that you’re the kind of leader who stays two steps ahead in the sensitivity game. Drop one into your next PowerPoint deck, and you’re on the fast track to the HR multicultural committee! Look for the complete line of limited edition desk sculptures, coming soon to SkyMall.
[I've selected some examples]

“Give a man a fish, he will eat today. Promise a man a million fish, he will contribute heap big wampum to your tribal election campaign fund.”

“The man who builds his well at a distance soon laments when his wife’s mustache catches fire.”

“Do not waste your time talking to the yak. Because yakkity yak don’t talk back.”

“The single lotus blossom that brushes against river jade can defeat an army of steel fire-dragon. Well, okay, maybe that’s just the opium talking.”


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