Thursday, February 26, 2009

In The Car

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Republican National Chairman Michael Steele, when asked on Morning Joe about the Republican Party Response delivered by Bobby Jindal:
I didn't see it - I was in the car.
Are you fucking kidding me? I *sure* hope you're lying to parry the issue, because your job is to promote your party. You admit you heard it on the radio, but that seeing it on TV is a completely different thing. A public national speech is your product. This is like the head of Tropicana saying they saw early designs, but never saw the final orange juice packaging that went out to the public. Nuts.

Also, Joe and Michael spoke that the message they should be spreading is that "the GOP fucked up in the last 8 years, but trust us to do better this time." Michael mentioned that he is putting the GOP on a "12 step program," to which Joe chuckled.

Why again should we want our government run by a group that is on a "12-step program?"

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