Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ben Shows Us His Courage

I love it when wingnuts get all worked up over rap music. Suddenly, they're all "Cosby's Right!" - and it's especially entertaining when, as they do in every such "essay," they give a definition of what music is.


Here's young'n Ben Shapiro, in his piece Rap Is Crap:
First, rap isn’t music.  Music has three elements: melody, harmony, and rhythm.  Rap is all rhythm, very little melody, and virtually no harmony.  Cultural relativists who say that Eminem is like Mozart make Barbara Boxer look like Einstein. 
(don't miss the link to Eminem at Wikipedia, which was in the original)

I look forward to his next piece, "Trance Is Crap," followed by "Here, Let Me Tell You Why You're Wrong - Towards A More Appropriate Black Culture."

1 comment:

  1. Wow! It's like some magical power conservatives have. They can never get analogies or metaphors right somehow!

    So Eminem:Mozart is like saying Boxer:Einstein? Shouldn't Barbara Boxer at least have an album out for that to make any sense?