Saturday, March 21, 2009

"A Wizard Did It!"

I enjoyed how the finale ranged all about, but I completely agree with this from Torie Atkinson:
Can I just say, what the FRAK? The build-up after four years is that Technology Is Evil. All of those philosophical dilemmas about whether a cylon is human, about the fact that evil is a moral choice on behalf of an individual and cannot be attributed to a race or group, and whether the future of everyone will depend on our reconciliation and reunion, gets thrown by the wayside in favor of the most obnoxious ending imaginable: a moral tale about the evils of technological advancement. Are you kidding me?
And Raja Khanna, also from the same roundtable.
I kinda want to add my own scene to the finale where after Lee turns and Starbuck’s not there we then cut to a lion running off across the savannah with Starbuck in its mouth. That would work much better for me.
And, finally, from Theresa DeLucci:
And everything is God’s plan? Yes, that was my big worry. We’d get answers, but they would be lame. A wizard did it! That’s all we get from Moore.


  1. America, once again I told you so.

    All these philosophical dilemmas? Please. You wanted to see them, the pattern-finding portions of your brains working overtime to make meaning out of what was really just a bunch of half-considered plot points baked together in a casserole dish we called Battlestar Galactica.

    There was no plan, no governing philosophy, no story arc longer than two episodes. These facts have been clear since at least the appearance of Fat Apollo.

    (Also, consider that you may have taken too many lit classes.)

  2. On the plus side, it can't be a moral tale about the evils of technology. Like everything else, they came up with that idea at the last minute, so it can't be considered a long-form argument.