Friday, March 13, 2009

He Showed Up

Forgive my quoting John's post in its entirety, but I can get behind this take on Jim Cramer:
Re-watching the Daily Show beatdown, I just get the sense that Cramer is genuinely sorry. Additionally, Cramer is sort of collateral damage in all of this- remember, the spineless crap-weasal Rick Santelli was the original target, and for all his bluster, he refuses to show up. Cramer just got involved because he has a big mouth and doesn’t realize when to keep it shut. Say what you want about Cramer- he showed up. Where was Santelli?

But watching that, I really felt like Cramer is a conflicted guy. He knows the advice he is giving is bad, he knows he has been caught gaming the system, and he knows it shouldn’t be that way. But he just can’t help himself."
(my emphasis)

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