Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here's A New One

Patrick Ruffini argues that the reason no one likes Republicans anymore is that by the Bush Era, Republicans had completed everything they set out to do, leaving them with nothing else to excite people over.
One of the biggest reasons for the Right's decline in the Bush era is that we had long since completed most of the items on our to-do list. Low marginal tax rates? Check. The Soviet Union gone? Check. Welfare reform? Check.
But don't worry, Patrick is confident that Obama's first 70 days has given everyone a brand new shot at hate!
The Welfare State mentality of the '60s that created the conditions for 1980 and 1994 systemically excused bad behavior at an individual level, creating millions of individual tragedies. Obamanomics systematically excuses bad behavior at the wholesale macroeconomic level, creating a vicious circle of irresponsibility with major consequences for every American.

If nothing else, the first 70 days of Obama -- with an assist from the last 4 months of Bush -- has left government economic policy so off-kilter that it may take a decade or more to fix. Remember that exhausted to-do list? Not a problem any more.
The Right's newer new rallying cry: "Sorry you lost interest in us after we won!"

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