Monday, March 30, 2009

Outrage Via Intentional Ignorance

It certainly seems like the only strategy for rightwing freakout over the White House asking GM CEO Rick Wagoner to step down is for them to ignore the details of this being a company that has received a massive bailout.

The story has more meat for their outrage if they just pretend that the socialist Obama administration is now telling private industry how to run itself.

Heritage Foundation - Our Economic Freedom Has Been Sacrificed:
Such is the sorry state of free enterprise in our country: the president can summon the heads of private companies to the White House and demand fealty to his public policy agenda.

Matt Margolis:
If You Didn’t Already Think Government Was Intruding Enough…the government, led by comrade Obama, is telling private business how it should be run.

Gateway Pundit:
And, you thought they only did this in Venezuela!

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