Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I Can Only Imagine

I love this take by Matt Yeager on the depressing new Wii game M&M’s Beach Party:
There is more entertainment value to watching a $20 bill burn than there is in playing this game. Buy it for your children if you want them to feel unloved. The game is so bad, I don’t like even eating M&M’s anymore.



  1. I stopped eating M&Ms at age 13, when I got food poisoning with a stomachful of them and canned smoked oysters. True story.

  2. I love how the little red one in the back left of the screenshot just looks like he hates life - or that he's been kept in a cage like a sad milk cow for so long he no longer feels anything.

  3. You love that? I hate that!

  4. Nope, an M&M mascot that looks like a depressed alcoholic will always crack me up.