Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shorter John King

Second 100 days will be bigger test for Obama
Obama's been ambitious, effective and popular so far, but what if he's not later?


  1. Anonymous1:12 PM

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  2. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Are you all moving the goal post again? Now, we have a second 100 days? What is that? 200 days?
    He shattered you first 100 days test and now you concoct another second 100 hundred days? If he performs the same way as his first 100 days, will we have another third 100 days? Are we now going to divide up his four-year term by 100 days increments? John King, go get a life! Maybe we should start grading your reporting based on 100 day increaments!

  3. Anonymous4:12 PM

    CNN and John King aren't worth the watch. Anything in the world to make commercial ratings $$$ off the President. Oh by the way, does anyone at the top of CNN notice that all the negative effort that the network has placed in trying to tear Pres. Obama and his administration down, the opinion polls for him get higher. Maybe you should keep it up. As for Dana Bash and hubby John King, your guy didn't win. Get over it!

  4. Anonymous7:01 PM

    What's with these 100 days? It only proves that CNN's mission is 'spinning' the news to increase it ratings and the dividends of it's shareholders, than reporting it. No wonder the newspapers are failing. Thanks to CNN (Comedy News Central), it's more profitable to entertain people than encouraging them to think. Get a life, John King!

  5. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Personally, in my opinion, John King is in the tank for the republicans. The way he conducted that last interview with Cheney was enough to make me puke. He let Cheney sit there and tell lie after lie, without any challenge whatsoever. Worse yet, he looked like a little boy enamored by Cheney’s ex-power and so glad to sit down with him. I thought he was going to pee his pants. Until now, just about anybody who has interviewed Darth Vader has been a pasty. He’s much to shrewd to sit down with anyone who won’t suck him off on national television. John King’s mouth was all watery.

  6. Anonymous11:08 PM

    I have watched CNN for years, but maybe enough is enough. The way this network is salivating for President Obama to fail is getting way past ridiculous. 100 days, next 100 days, when will the countdown to his fall stop? Does this company not have anyone who thinks that the President just might be the right man for our times? Come on guys more reporting and less partisanship. If we wanted this sort of nonsense we could all watch the unfair and unbalanced "other" network.

  7. Anonymous1:15 AM

    King you lamo, this is not a test. Repeat. This is not a test. There is no test for Obama, this is real dude. wake up. Don't blame you though, trying to come up with stories... Anderson is a serious workaholic! I think he has a disorder.