Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's the Big Hollywood Take on Swine Flu?

God these people are insufferable:
Now, in the midst of the current Economic Crisis…which is happening in the midst of the current Climate Change Crisis (hey, what happened to ‘Global Warming’?  Did focus poll results teach them that people had developed Global Warming fatigue?  Weenies.) …we have the Swine Flu Crisis.  An impending pandemic in our midst.  We must act/spend and we must act/spend now!  Before it’s too late! (And you wake up and realize they’ve act/spent all your money.)

On a side note, I think it’s fairly remarkable that it took a bunch of sick pigs for anyone to seriously consider actually sealing our southern borders. 

I’m just sayin’…

Another point of curiosity to me:  I’m wondering how, in the religious culture that reviles anything to do with pork, this swine flu will impact the Muslim community, both here and abroad.  Will a new fatwa be issued?  Will Farmer John and Oscar Mayer be slated for jihad?   (And while I’m toying with the ridiculous… Anyone know if the movie, “BABE” was banned in the Middle East?)

Just sayin’…
Just a wandering mash of ignorance.

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