Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Great and Terrible Caterwaul

Man! So this one time, a stray cat came in the back door to eat my roommate's dog's food, and we were all, "Let's shut the door and see what happens!"
This new president and his "team," it turns out, does not appear to consider our Constitution of any value. [...] Taking away our liberties and our guns, and controlling us with his new police force, handing our nation over to George Soros' group who is desperately trying to create a One World government (the World Bank is already in place as are several worldwide military forces), the United States of America is going to cease to exist if "we the people" don't demand our own government honor the Constitution which established this vestige of freedom and opportunity in the first place.
Which is to say: When you're suddenly unfree, it is incumbent upon you to lash out at any threat, real or imagined; to tear around the circumference of the room partway up the wall at mach 2, taking paint off the wall and leaving little rips in the couch; and to let out a piercing yowl that would definitely motivate us to open the back door again, hopeful that you'll go back to tending your kittens under the house and getting old boots thrown at you when you do that other creepy wail, the one you do when you're in heat.
Okay, so Carrie Prejean, Miss California, posed topless. Is this suppose to disqualify her from standing up for traditional marriage? Then, the media came out with a story about her dad being gay. So, what! This is another dirty trick of the liberal left to silence conservatives.
As for what it's "suppose" to do, I'm not sure. But I do know this: When you can't even be a bigot at gay people without attracting scrutiny suggesting you're kind of a hypocrite, howl, "To arms!" to the all the other neighborhood strays, regardless of how much flying footwear you may attract.
Because people fall short, liberals trash the principle. When President Clinton had sex with Monica, the left basically defended adultery.
The moar you know!

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