Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rachel Marsden: I Can Godwin That In 13 Words

Ahh, good morning, Rachel Marsden. What's new with you over at Town Hall? I see you have a new article. What's it called?

Obama: Not The First Head Of State To Design Cars*

Hmm, intriguing. I guess I'll read on - whatever other head of state could she be talking about?
“Sitting at a restaurant table in Munich in the summer of 1932, Hitler designed the prototype for what would become the immensely successful Beetle design for Volkswagen (literally, the "car of the people"),” says the Hitler Historical Museum’s website. He then said to the head of Daimler-Benz: “Take it with you and speak with people who understand more about it than I do. But don't forget it. I want to hear from you soon, about the technical details."


And then way way way down at the end of the article you find the antecedent of that apostrophe:
* I am not saying that Barack Obama is Hitler, just that they have a similar propensity for vehicular design.
Can't imagine why anyone would have gotten that impression.

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