Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Reasoned Debate Topic

I give a hearty "fuck yeah!" to this from The Poor Man Institute:
It’s interesting that folks such as Shlaes, Will, and Hiatt think that mean bloggers are afraid to debate them.  I’ve been running a very mean blog for over 7 years now, and never once has anyone from the Washington Post editorial page or the surrounding environs ever tried to engage me, except when dismissing mean bloggers en masse.  Anyway, I’m not mean, I’m just misunderstood, fuckface.  Any time you want to engage in a civil, reasoned debate on issue: You Are A Bunch Of Lying Hack Wankers Who Whine Like Tiny Wee Little Girls Every Time You Get Called Out On It, feel free to drop in.  My door will always be open.

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