Thursday, May 28, 2009

Y Kant Wingnutz Reed? Vol. 2 Billion

Just checking in on my favorite Cornell associate clinical professor of law and Dijongate progenitor, William Jacobson, doop-dee-doop.
In an earlier post, I noted how one Huffington Post blogger, Allison Kilkenny, had called John Bolton "crazy" just five days ago for warning that North Korea was on the verge of another nuclear test.
Huh! That's funny, but not "ha-ha" funny. More like "that's-crazy-how-you-make-stuff-up" funny.

I know, I know! You'd think that Jacobson's use of quotes around "crazy" would imply a direct quote, but while her prose isn't to my taste either, Kilkenny's actually saying Bolton's nuts simply because he's always, always belligerent.
Bolton has risen from the dead to show the world America's credibility is back by...rattling...his...saber...again.
Now I started to wonder if that would stop Jacobson from going sanctimonious, and--
I wondered whether there would be an apology in light of the North Korean's nuclear test last night, and the answer is no apology.
That reminds me! Jacobson needs to apologize for saying that puppies are not cute. They totally are! Not only can't the man read, he can't swoon!

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