Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oldie But Goodie

Oh, man, I love RenewAmerica:
There is a rapidly growing cancer in the nation's capitol, a disease called progressive socialism which comes from repeated exposure to Marxism and Communism, This disease will become fatal to the American Republic in just a few short years if not treated and defeated in the next two elections. It's not too late to save America, but it will be very soon if we don't act now.
And this:
How do we stop Communism? Pray!
The man in the White House is being unfaithful to his country and to God. President Barack Hussein Obama thinks only of his own earthly ambitions and pernicious ideology — Marxism. We are admonished to pray for our leaders. Please place the president and his full cabinet on the top of your prayer list, and pray for God's will to be done. (See Matt. 6:9-13.)

It is time for every born-again, traditional Christian to network. All churches should plan a day to bus into Washington D.C. for a full day of prayer and repentance before the Lord. Ask Him to once again set the "captives free" and "heal and restore our land":

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