Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Drow vs Mind Flayer

If you don't know what a Mind Flayer is, you may skip this post. If you do, read on...

Although I'm not very active in it, I am a whole-life fan of most all things D&D and fantasy. I've often gotten a kick out of Jon Schindette's blog. Jon is the Senior Art Director for Dungeons & Dragons (with Wizards of the Coast), and he posts often about the world of fantasy and game art, how to be a part of the business, what he looks for, etc, etc.

Today he has posted the submissions from challenge he set up last week.

The topic: Drow vs. Mind Flayer.

Lots of fun candidates (and certainly some clunkers). Many where I loved one character but not the other. This one, #14 (he posted the submissions with just numbers, not names), is my favorite overall:


Artists were also required to submit their entries with a book template overlay.

Check out the whole gallery!

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