Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Enjoying The Benefits

Every single Democrat -- every single one -- is currently enjoying the benefits of campaign promises to fix health care.  The Democratic Party has made it a goal for decades to fix health care coverage in this country.  The issue is intricately tied up with the "brand" in a way that few issues are.  The party advantages on this issue not only helped get Obama elected, it helped the Democrats secure big majorities -- the fruits of which all of them are enjoying, including the most conservative ones.

And so now the question is -- to put it bluntly -- whether the Democratic Party is one giant fraud.  Is this an issue that Democrats really care about?  Is it something they're willing to fight for?  Are they willing to put aside the normal idiocy of legislative sausage-making, and I-want-mine-ism?  Or is it just a campaign promise they roll out in the fall to help beat Republicans so that they can go about raising money? 

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