Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Speak For God

Dan Savage:
Well when you have a party that claims to speak for god and claims that god is on its side the rhetoric heats up and the anger heats up. This is not just a battle about ideas and positions and what’s good for the country and bad for the country, it’s a battle about what god wants and what god doesn’t want and you’re, it’s easier to demagogue about your enemies and despise them than to humanize them in this really personal and vicious way. I mean, the religious right is fomenting this kind of hatred in this country and at our peril.

I really do think that the Michelle Bachmann’s of the world and the Glenn Beck’s of the world are actively and consciously or subconsciously just trying to get, I’m just going to say it, trying to get the President killed. That’s why they’re setting this up as a kill or be killed arguments. He’s going to kill your grandma, pull the plug on grandma, death panels that little children have to go in front of. This kind of rhetoric, this paranoid style of the religious right from you know, Birchers to birthers doesn’t usually end well and we somebody’s got to put the brakes on it. Unfortunately the Republican party, there are adults left in the room, there are only the Michelle Bachmann’s and the Glenn Beck's and the Rush Limbaugh’s running the show.
My emphasis.

(Via Crooks and Liars)

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