Monday, September 14, 2009


Good piece from Michael Sherer at about Obama, and the fear of the unknown that he strikes in some:
As a political theme, this concern with what is unknown about Obama's administration is an important one to watch, because for one reason or another, it is striking a nerve for many Americans. It does not seem to matter that Obama has not substantially changed the structure or operation of the executive branch, or, with a few exceptions, the sorts of positions he appoints. Instead, there is a pod-person-like fear at work here: Judge Obama not by what he does or says, say his critics,  but by what we don't yet know about what he is doing.
Related: judge Bush and his administration not by what we know they did, but what they would like to be remembered for having done.

This comment from sacredh is pretty funny:
Too bad Obama didn't name them Apostles instead of Czars. I'd have given a paycheck just to watch the heads explode.

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