Friday, October 30, 2009

The Temerity To Coup

They'll never cease taking my breath away:
Screw them. The Obama administration has bungled this from the start. What the Honduran's did was well within their legal framework and we should have supported them as they worked through this crisis.

The fact that the United States took the side of two-bit thug and punished a small country for having the temerity to chose the rule of law over tyranny. The fact that we were on the wrong side of this fight from the get go is not a victory but a mark of shame we will carry for a long while.

Good luck to the Honduran people and please know that what Obama did was Not In My Name.
My emphasis.

Do they think the NYPD should depose Mayor Michael Bloomberg because he changed the laws to make it possible for him to serve a 3rd time, something that was not legal when he was elected?

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