Friday, November 06, 2009

Science 101

There is some beautifully rich irony in this post from the recently-insane Victorial Jackson. She's running down misc liberals-suck things on her mind, such as this point:
Okay, then I find out Gingrich is pal-ing up with Pelosi about Global Warming!  Eww!  Defector!  Oh man!  Strike him off my list.  Now!  He’s off!
All right, fine. She believes she understands the science better than the scientific community. What else is up, Victoria?
Fourthly, I start college tomorrow.  It’s my last class.  Science 101.  I need to focus.  I started my college degree, a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, in 1976.  I had to stop and work, you know, to pay for it. College tuition is expensive.  Then, there was the six-year “Saturday Night Live” distraction in NY, and the 15 years of raising a family in Miami distraction.  But now, I’m back and ready to finish my degree.  I took all the fun classes first and left the “vegetables” for last.  So, I just finished Math, and now Science.  How timely though, because now I can become an expert on Climate Change and explain to Gore, Pelosi and Obama how ridiculous their hoax is, if I can catch them between their fuel-guzzling, earth killing, private jet trips. I mean, really. (Nancy’s private jet costs taxpayers $60,000 one way for the trip she takes weekly to D.C. where she is working hard to take our freedoms away!)

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