Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Urban Back Alleys"

The people are fucking cartoons:
Carbon dioxide is exhaled by every breathing human being on the planet, and is no more a "pollutant" than are the leaves that fall from trees. It has been vilified in recent years as the mechanism of "man made global warming," though the empirical evidence reveals a trend of global cooling for the past decade, and nothing more than the standard cyclical variations of earth's temperatures in the years of recorded data prior to that.

Yet now the government seeks to monitor and ultimately manage this harmless and completely natural component of the air we breathe, as if it has suddenly metamorphosed into some sinister "controlled substance" that might be dealt illegally in urban back alleys. This flagrant effort to extend the tentacles of the state into virtually every manufacturing process, every back-yard barbeque, and every exhaled breath in the country should alarm any citizen who recognizes the need for some limit on the scope and reach of government.

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