Friday, December 04, 2009

Humans Are Malleable

Can you imagine if you got your information about the world from someone who writes shit like this?
Muslim Barack Hussein Obama was quick to tell the public not to jump to conclusions regarding Army psychiatrist Muslim Nidal Malik Hasan's killing spree.

One Muslim must protect another Muslim. Obama must protect Hasan.

It is the same in Afghanistan. Muslim Obama is bound to protect US Muslim militia from killing Afghan Muslim killers. What restrictions then will Obama put on troops newly sent to Afghanistan? When will the public find out about them?
The author, Grant Swank, is just about the nuttiest of the nuts.
It is a crazy Oval Office and Americans are reaping the mob hysteriacs who pushed a Muslim into the White House.

Ramadan means more to him than the National Day of Prayer.

Allah means more to him that the Christ of his hoax Trinity United Church of Christ.

The Koran means more to him than the Bible as America's Christian heritage spiritual guide.

Fellow Muslims mean more to him that American citizens.

Fort Hood murderer stands out in bold relief as the evident example of Obama's split personality.

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