Monday, October 10, 2005

BCAT Sunday

The program list from Brooklyn Community Access Television, Sundays, covering 1:30pm to Midnight.

Expressions of Faith
Burning Bush Ministries
Agape Speaks
Community Events
Word of Faith
You Shall Know The Truth
The Prophetic Word
Universe of Yahweh
Voice of Bethel
Faith Will Light The Way
Jah Gospel Videos
Life In Christ
Hurting Hearts
Bethany Hour
Moment of Praise
The Soul Winners TV
First Baptist Church
Voice Of Truth
Body and Soul Spiritual Revival
Midnight Gospel Hour
Fountain Christian Center, Inc.
Worship Service

Mind Body Soul Connection
Kingdom Life Christian Center
Eckankar Presents
Prayer and Praise
The Word of Salvation
Alabando Y Adorando
Manna Church
Word of Hope
Higher Praises
Pentecost Fire
Have U Heard?
Le Chemin Du Salut
Tradition Lakaille
America Come Back To God
Inspirational Vybes
Full Effect Gospel Ministries
Triumphant Church of Jesus
Gospel Showcase
This Is Your Bible
Life In Its Poetic Form
Triumphantly Your (sic)

Now, I'm not expressing surprise that - gosh! - there are religious shows in Brooklyn on Sundays (!!?), just letting the interchangeable, mix 'n match language of these show names waaaaash over me....

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