Monday, October 10, 2005


Okay, you've got to be fuckin kidding me. Nestle has a new product called SHAPES that is sugar cookie dough, with PRE-CUT SHAPES. Saves you and your kid the time you would have been wasting choosing what cookie cutter to use and where to place it on the empty canvas. And actually pressing it down through the dough. Only from Nestle, i suppose.

Yeesh. Spend half a second on this site, and the madness starts piling up! Under Decorating Tips:

I like the part where it tells me to Write Boo on my ghost. Uh...okay. Eat cookie. Smile. Kiss mother.

I'll leave you with this, from the email signup form page:

To access your NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Halloween Cookie SHAPES coupon, simply register here to become a Very Best Baker. Registration is simple and absolutely FREE!

As a Very Best Baker you'll have the opportunity to earn Brownie Points that earn sweepstakes eligibility. It's a unique way of being rewarded for interacting with our baking community. Activities that reward points include:

- Submit Recipe Reviews for NESTLÉ Recipes and Swapped Recipes
- Swap Recipes, Tips and Baking Memories
- Participate in Surveys, Sweepstakes and Contests
- e-Newsletter
- Special Baking Offers

Mmmmm....Special Baking Offers. Later.

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