Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Yeah, I Can See That

From this morning's AM New York, an excerpt from an interview with George Clooney about his new movie Syriana:

Q: You’re always a charming guy in films, but in this movie [Syriana] you’re a pretty hard guy.

GC: I want to say that from the beginning of the movie, I sort of made the decision that I was unhappy.… I was playing a part that was very unhappy, and I wasn’t very happy at the time.


GC: A lot of things. On my way to Morocco, I walked out of the house and there was a rattlesnake wrapped around my dog, its teeth in the back of its head, and I had to get a baseball bat, and beating the snake off of it killed the dog. The last thing the dog knew was me beating it with a baseball bat. So it was one thing after another.

(Pic by Kevin Flynn, age 13, from the Kendall Gallery: An International Showplace for Deaf Children's Art)

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