Friday, December 02, 2005

Bill O'Reilly Earns a Laugh Track

There's little more that really needs to be said about Bill O'Reilly. You can go visit Media Matters any day of the week - or, to be fair, just turn on his show for 5 minutes - and, if you treat Bill like a human being with opinions that are of a like "kind" to opinions that other human beings have, you'll get worked up, exasperated, astonished, pissed, etc. Part of me feels like he's just playing us all into constantly TALKing about him, about what he said recently, how awful he is - and part of me feels like he WINs if we do.

So, with all due respect to the thousands of websites out there that effectively point out the infinite fallacies of his arguments and inexcusable turds he spits, I direct your attention to this fabulous little MP3 file, submitted by a reader of Eschaton. Originally an OFF THE FUCKING WALL rant from O'Reilly, this version includes some fine added chuckles. A real hoot.

It's already in MY iTunes. Maybe you'd like it, too?

Go here, and then click the link he offers.

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