Thursday, December 01, 2005

NYTimes Editoral: "Plan: We Win"

The New York Times calls bullshit on Bush's speech yesterday and the release of the inane Strategy For Victory document:
It has been obvious for months that Americans don't believe the war is going just fine, and they needed to hear that President Bush gets that. They wanted to see that he had learned from his mistakes and adjusted his course, and that he had a measurable and realistic plan for making Iraq safe enough to withdraw United States troops. Americans didn't need to be convinced of Mr. Bush's commitment to his idealized version of the war. They needed to be reassured that he recognized the reality of the war.
Good stuff in here. And great title. Read it.

Also, if you like "strategies" like "Winning," you'll LOVE the great and glorious Fafblog as he discussed the War on Losing. Or, if you're really bold, view his Q & A on Bush's new plan here:
A. This course is the same course as the previous course but is now served on a bed of fresh leafy green victory along with a side of pasta salad and your choice of vegetable.
Q. Mmmm, sounds delicious! How come the old plan didn't have this much victory in it?
A. It did! We just didn't tell you about it. This is newly declassified top secret victory.
Q. Does that mean the new plan is really the old plan?
A. Every day is a new day for the plan! Today is the first day of the rest of the plan's life.

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