Monday, January 23, 2006

The Hits Just Keep Coming

So, yesterday - Sunday - was the anniversary (30th?) of the Roe vs. Wade decision.

How does George W mark the date? By proclaiming it the National Sanctity of Human Life Day.

You fuckin KIDDING me?

From the "proclamation"
National Sanctity of Human Life Day is an opportunity to strengthen our resolve in creating a society where every life has meaning and our most vulnerable members are protected and defended including unborn children, the sick and dying, and persons with disabilities and birth defects. This is an ideal that appeals to the noblest and most generous instincts within us, and this is the America we will achieve by working together.


  1. Anonymous2:17 AM

    Now there's a guy who knows a lot about the sanctity of human life. How many people do we think he is responsible for killing? 30,000 or so? That's cool. I'm glad he finds a blob of human cells more precious than Iraqi civilians and American soldiers.

    Oh right, it's just politics and catering to the religious fanatics. He actually couldn't care less about either.


  2. I know. It's beyond nauseating. Even with his record this is almost beyond belief.

    Like as if he had decided to start wearing a crown.