Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Too Much To Take

I'm feeling utterly sick to my stomach today with...

...the blaming the media for the Iraq debacle

...the idea of this mythical "stomach" that the US needs to have for the War on Terror

...the irrational shift to Iran as our new Enemy, despite most US soldiers being killed by Sunnis

...continuing attempts to paint dissent as traiterous, and suggestions that Democrats or war-protestors wanting the US to "lose/fail/die"

...the hypocritical bullshit from "Christian" Bill Donahue about the "bad words about Catholicism" from the Edwards campaign's hired bloggers (and their subsequent resignations after threats to their persons and families)

...calls from the Right to just start assassinating people in other countries that we're Hating this Week.

...the continuing doublespeak attempts by Republicans to reframe the escalation as somehow supporting the troops and the election as something other than objection to Bush foreign policy

...NBC News saying you can't be anti-war and still support the troops

...the discourse on Obama's race and Glenn Beck still having a job

...MOTHERFUCKING Bush saying that it's "insurgents" that are trying to turn American opinion against the war

I don't even have the heart to quote and debate it today. I feel like our country is being torn apart in ways that will take decades to heal.

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