Friday, August 17, 2007

"shopping, beauty regimens, life-long dieting, abortions"

I've really been enjoying the nutso RenewAmerica, which is apparently the site for an organization run by the supra-nut Alan Keyes.

Today, I draw your attention to columnist Nancy Levant, enumerating the habits of the modern woman:
I look at contemporary American women who have become so spoiled, vain, self-involved, self-obsessed, and useless that shopping, beauty regimens, life-long dieting, abortions, and debt-based home decorating have led multi-millions of our wives and mothers to anti-depressant dependencies while supporting the mental health and pharmaceutical industries to global-political depopulation power.
Don't miss the rest of the RenewAmerica site! They've got features like this on the home page:

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