Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I'm not sure whether I wanted them to be real celebrities or a sad sack bunch.

In any case, they're a sad sack bunch. The article about how "McCain Has Celebrities, Too" cities Daddy Yankee (um, music star), Patricia Heaton (former "Everybody Loves Raymond" and Honorary Chair of Feminists for Life), and Jay Leno (Jay Leno).

Um, woo?

Oh, let me not forget those who might have been in the crowd:
Then [McCain] capped off the night with a fund-raiser at the Beverly Hills Hilton, where quite a few denizens of the movie colony were spotted by the pool of reporters who covered in the event. The pool reported that the actors in the crowd included Gary Sinise, Dean Cain, Jon Voight, Jon Cryer, Angie Harmon, Craig T. Nelson and Lorenzo Lamas, among others.


  1. Hey -- Voigt's in the new conservative non-comedy, playing Teh Ghost o' Patton or something.

    Say! Who would win a fight in the standard space-based air-water-land ultimate-fighting dodecahedron cage--the ghost of idealized Reagan or the ghost of idealized Patton. (Officiating: the idealized ghost of General MacArthur's corncob pipe.)

    I think that although idealized Patton would certainly get a better start with +4 Grit and +2 Steely Eyed Stare, the idealized ghost of Reagan could bide time and focus the crowd's energies with +5 Nicey-Nice Jingoism, winning the bout.

  2. Oh, and Lorenzo Lamas? Seriously?

    Guess I'll have to come up with a new person for contestants to choose between for "Quien es Mas Macho?" gameshows.