Sunday, December 14, 2008

Anti-Girlie Man Libertarians

Okay, I give up. How is Eric Dondero's Libertarian Republican not a parody?
Exciting New Partnership for Libertarian Republican blogRealManMagazine.jpg

From the Editor - We have received a permenent link for LR blog from a major website: Real Man Magazine. We are proud to announce our new partnership with this fine on-line magazine. Real Man Mag. now has us up on the Top of their Links Page. And we are linking to them, and will be highlighting some of their political coverage in the future.

I cannot think of a more compatible website that more fully reflects the values of Libertarian Republican blog than Real Man Magazine. We here at LR are the Anti-Girlie Man Libertarians. We despise the limp-wristed pacifistic, anti-masculine non-interventionist foreign policy espoused by Leftwing Libertarians such as those at,, the Ron Paul sites, Reason, Cato and even the majority of Libertarian Party websites.

At the same time we proudly express our support for the US Military and Military values. And we fully acknowledge and even glorify the often "bad boy" aspects of Military life: Rock 'n Roll, Booze and Broads.

Like the old motto says: Sailors have more Fun. And Marines, and Soldiers, and Airmen, Coasties, and Guardsmen.

At Real Man Magazine their motto is "Encouraging Men to Act like Men." Pre-cisely!

And their site is not just of Hot Chics in skimpy bathing suits. They have a serious, philosophical side, as well; totally Libertarian! It includes a special section for "War" which covers military affairs, from a very Pro-American, Kick Ass! perspective.

Please visit our new partner's website for a look. Why not add them to your Daily Favorites.

And the next time you hear some Dude say, "I like Libertarians, but they seem kind of wimpy on foreign policy," remind them, that that's just the Geeky Leftwing of the libertarian movement, and that Real Men support Masculinity and Masculine/Military values.
My previous run-in with Eric, where he suggested I might be "one of those dweeby girlie man grad students who never served," was here.

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  1. This is so weird, I don't think I completely understand. Just what in the world are "real man" values? He says they're against pacifism and non-intervention, so a "real man" foreign policy is what? Invade and kill all the time, every time?

    I'd really like a primer on this sorta thing. Judging from the magazine and those high-falutin' ideals, it seems to me that "real men" think a lot like 14-year-old boys.