Monday, January 26, 2009


Goddamnit, Eric Dondero, why are you such a fucking asshole?


  1. I'm only an asshole to Islamo-Fascists, Communists, assorted Leftists, and pretent "Libertarians" like you.

    If you look at the sidebar of my most excellent blog, you'll find I've got quite a few fans among the freedom-loving population in America.

    But hey, what would you know about freedom lovers? You're a freedom hater, so you obviously hate me and Libertarian Republican. No problem, we will defeat you in the end.

  2. And Cricket? What, you named yourself after a nationwide Celluar phone company??

    Why not "Verizon," or "Mr. Sprint."

    At least Cricket doesn't sucker you into a 2 year contract.

  3. When you say I'm a "freedom hater," what exactly are some of the things you think I hate?

    Eric, I have a suggestion for you to get your word out: you should actually write a *book* about your convictions that Obama is not a legal president. Please be sure to detail why you believe that Obama is not just a Muslim (!!!), but a RADICAL Muslim. It would be a chance for you to make your claims and establish your legacy once and for all.

  4. Eric's Informed Colon8:02 PM

    The only thing Eric establishes is in his toilet bowl every morning.