Monday, January 26, 2009

Sock 'Em Demons


I'm confused by "young Jesse Helms" Nathan Tabor's message:
But blacks are not the only minority group which could suffer under the Democratic regime in Washington. Democratic leaders believe that children must be taught evolution, and they cringe at the common-sense notion of intelligent design. The evolutionary theory promoted by Charles Darwin teaches survival of the fittest. That would place homosexuals at the bottom of the chain, since they cannot procreate. Under evolution, they are destined to die out, forced out of existence by the heterosexuals who can procreate.
Wait - will homosexuals be able to procreate if we stop teaching evolution? And Nathan, it appears you're setting your demons up to fight against each other, like you're saying evolution's bad because it is not respectful of homosexuals?
The idea that our nation's Democratic leaders are anti-black, anti-minority, and anti-homosexual is an inconvenient truth.
Sure looks like it. Sure looks like you're standing up for "homosexuals" - does your Faith, Family, Freedom Alliance know you've reached this rhetorical position?
It is uncomfortable to read because it is uncomfortable to write. But, as an old adage goes, the truth will make you free. Only when Democrats confront their own bigoted demons can true progress begin, can we finally heal as a nation.

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